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Rod Hoevet
Rod Hoevet Psy.D. 11628 Old Ballas Road, Suite 206 Creve Coeur, MO 63141 314-528-8383 Addiction, Anger Management, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Clinical Supervision, Depression, Dissociative Disorders, Forensic Psychology, Personality Disorders, Psychosis, PTSD, Self-Esteem, Sleep Issues, Spirituality, Stress, Substance Abuse/Dependence, Suicide, Testing/Evaluation, Trauma (13-18) Adolescents, (19-65) Adults, (66+) Seniors Existential, Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic Not Applicable
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Dr. Hoevet is a licensed clinical psychologist with many years of experience. His primary practice is providing forensic evaluations in Missouri and Illinois. These include competence/fitness to stand trial, criminal responsibility (insanity), FOID (firearms ownership) evaluations and various others. He also conducts probation/parole special assessments and other evaluations for courts, law enforcement, workman's compensation, diagnostic clarifications, personal request and a variety of others. Dr. Hoevet also provides psychotherapy and has expertise with many patient populations and psychological concerns. He specializes in complex psychological problems, particularly personality disorders, psychological trauma and major mental illnesses. His approach to therapy avoids superficial, symptom-management based approaches, instead focusing on the deeply entrenched roots of psychological problems rather than the outward manifestations of them. He is available to provide one-time consultations, extensive evaluations, ongoing psychotherapy and other services to meet the patient's needs. At this time, Dr. Hoevet is not able to accept insurance, but is willing to work with you on an affordable out-of-pocket rate. He is also able to provide any documentation you may need to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. In addition, Dr. Hoevet may be available to provide clinical supervision to those seeking licensure. Please contact him for availability and rates.